Atlantska plovidba - fleet
m/v AP Argosy (ARG) Sails to: VENTSPILS position
m/v AP Astarea (AST) Sails to: F/O MISSISSIPPI RIVER position
m/v AP Drzic (DRZ) Sails to: NOLA position
m/v AP Jadran (JDN) In port: UST LUGA position
m/v AP Slano (SLA) In port: PORT KAMSAR position
m/v AP Ston (STN) Sails to: VISAKHAPATNAM position
m/v AP Sveti Vlaho (SVV) Sails to: LONGKOU position
m/v City of Dubrovnik (DBK) In port: JORF LASFAR position
m/v Imperial (IMP) In port: RIO GRANDE position
m/v Libertas (LIB) Sails to: KANDLA position
m/v Miho Pracat (MPR) In port: LIVERPOOL position
m/v Oluja (OLU) - position
m/v Orsula (ORU) Sails to: SOREL position
m/v Sveti Nikola I (SVN) In port: MOBILE position
m/v Zagreb (ZAG) Sails to: ASNAES position
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Atlantska plovidba d.d.

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P.P. 192
E-mail: atlant@atlant.hr
Phone.: +385 (0) 20 352 333
fax.: +385 (0) 20 356 148

Company Policy Statement

It is the Policy of Atlantska Plovidba d.d. to maintain an independent position in the predominantly dry bulk and heavy lift market and to consistently meet and satisfy the needs and expectations of our national and international Clients.

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